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Robert Dennison Taylor, Elisha Taylor V, Others

Robert Den(n)ison Taylor

Robert Den(n)ison Taylor, the son of Josiah Taylor I and Abigail Den(n)ison, was born April 23, 1763 in Lebanon, Connecticut, and died January 26, 1798 in Bridgewater/Woodstock, Windsor Co., Vermont, leaving a widow and five young children, who were placed under the guardianship of his brother Elisha Taylor. His wife was Parthenia Alvord (baptismal name Tryphena), born July 4, 1767 in Charlestown NH and died September 4, 1852 in Enosburg VT; they married in 1785 in Windsor Co. VT, and she remarried Joseph Waller in 1800-01, by whom she apparently had no children. Robert D. Taylor had a farm of ten acres, sold in 1787, and his house stood just above the Elm Street bridge. After its establishment in 1783, Robert D. Taylor joined a local company of dragoons.

His Brother, Elisha Taylor V

Elisha Taylor V, also the son of Josiah Taylor and Abigail Den(n)ison, was born April 11, 1766 in Lebanon CT and died after 1821-22 probably in or near Woodstock VT (no records). In addition to being the guardian of Robert's children along with Stephen Alvord (Parthenia's brother), he had some businesses and property in or near Woodstock VT. Elisha Taylor V built an inn, the Traveler's Inn, and across the road from it a store, in 1793 outside of town, remaining there until 1795. He then built a tavern in Woodstock on The Green in 1796, called Village Hotel at the sign of the Eagle, which he ran until he sold it in 1815. He built another building in 1807, whose ground floor he kept as a general store, storage space, and office, and the second floor became a Masonic hall which was occupied by Governor Smith and the Vermont State Legislature. The Federal Census of 1790 lists an Elisha Taylor household with two males over 16 years old and two females age unspecified, so he may have been married and had children (no records otherwise).

Elisha Taylor V married Sally ______, who died before 1806; they had these children:

Betsy Dennison Taylor, b. IV-11-1793 W, d. dpl?

Franklin Fayette Taylor, b. II-6-1798 W, d. dpl?

Evelina Philomilla Taylor, b. V-13-1799 W, d. dpl?

Elisha Taylor V married Polly Cheney in February 23, 1806; they had these children:

Eliphalet Nott Taylor, b. I-2-1807 W, d. dpl?

Guy Taylor, died when one year ten months old on IV-12-1811 W

Note: These children were probably born in Bridgewater, a few miles from Woodstock.

Robert Den(n)ison Taylor's Children and Descendants

Robert D. Taylor and his wife Parthenia had five children, as follows, with descendants:

Abigail Taylor, born March 7, 1786 in Windsor Co. VT, married Luke Robinson and had six children and at last report (1864) lived in Thetford VT

Elisha Taylor (b. II-14-1789 W, d. II-15-1852 Ml) and Lucinda Waller (b. 1789 pl?, d. II-16-1859 Ml) m. before 1812 and had the following descendants:

Carlos Taylor (b. XII-29-1814 Ml, d. I-11-1882 Ml) ET-LW son
Hannah Wood (b. dpl?, d. IV-5-1900 Ml) his wife
~~~~married IX-19-1839 pl?
*Sheridan W. Taylor (b. V-28-1851)
Robert D. Taylor (b. III-8-1819 Ml, d. X-24-1883 Ml) ET-LW son
Caroline Wood (b. 1817 pl?, d. III-21-1894 Ml) his wife
~~~~married X-18-1843 pl?
*Albert D. Taylor (b. III-5-1852 Ml)
*Newton W. Taylor (b. IV-21-1857 Ml, d. 1929 Ml)
*John E. Taylor (b. XI-19-1861 Ml, d. IX-22-1886 Ml)
Joel C. Taylor (b. VII-18-1824 Ml, d. 1907 Ml) ET-LW son
Demise Hapgood (b. 1826, d. 1900 Ml) his wife
~~~~married VI-1-1848
*Herbert Taylor (b. VI-3-1850)
Elisha D. Taylor (b. VII-10-1822 Ml, d. dpl?) ET-LW son
Caroline Shepard (b. dpl?, d. dpl?)
~~~~married I-10-1846 pl?
*Charles Taylor (b. X 1847, d. 1920 Ml)
Marshall W. Taylor (b. I-3-1833 Ml)

Josiah Taylor, born April 1792 in Woodstock VT, married Deborah Waterman (b. ?), the daughter of John Olney Waterman (b. before 1755 pl?, d. July 1814 pl?), on September 18, 1816 in Brookfield VT, and had two daughters.

Pathenia Taylor, born July 22, 1794 in Woodstock VT, married William Davis in 1813 and had nine children; at last report lived in South Richford VT.

Mary Den(n)ison Taylor (Polly??) was born August 15, 1796 in Woodstock VT; married John Simons and had three children; at last report lived in Manchester NH.

Most of this information is from The Burke and Alvord Memorial (a genealogy published in 1864). Elisha Taylor V's wives and children are from Vermont Vital Records. Terms of Elisha's guardianship and specific names of the children are from Hartford District (Windsor Co.) probate records of the estate of Robert D. Taylor. The death dates for Robert Dennison Taylor's grandchildren and their spouses in Malone NY are from the Franklin Co. NY Tombstone Project inventory, mostly from Maplewood Cemetery, Malone NY.

key: W=Woodstock VT; Ml=Malone NY; pl?= place unknown; *=next generation

Other Taylor Lines

Other related Taylor lines are known to exist in Vermont, but nothing is currently known of them. Two of Prince Taylor's sons, David and Lyman, settled in northern Vermont. Two children of John and Rhoda Taylor were part of the early Connecticut migration to Vermont, settling there; one, Hezekiah Taylor, settled in Hartford VT. All were the grandsons of Elisha Taylor II and Sarah Davis.

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